Parent "Musts"

Parent “MUSTS” for student successful at WMS

  • Make sure your child attends school daily.
  • Make sure your child arrives to school on time.
  • Do not take your child out of school early except for an occasional, unavoidable appointment.
  • Make sure you and your child have read the Wilson Student Handbook carefully, front to back.
  • Obey traffic rules.  (DO NOT DROP STUDENTS OFF IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET…PULL OVER.)   Be extra cautious and slow down…Patience is a must when it comes to traffic situations.  (If siblings transport students, please make sure they know these procedures/expectations.)
  • Do not call or text your child during the school day. (If you have to contact your child, call the office.)  Also remind your child that smartwatches and cell-phones must be in their locker and turned OFF...all day every day.
  • If you have a concern with a specific teacher, contact that teacher before contacting administration.  If you have other school-related concerns, please call and set up an appointment with administration before coming to the school.  Number to call: (734) 759-5301
  • Check Parent Portal regularly.  (There will be NO progress reports given now that Parent Portal is used.  Report cards will be available on-line each quarter.)
  • Make sure your child charges their Chromebook each night and brings it with them to school fully-charged daily.
  • Make sure your child has a lunch each day…or money on their lunch account.
  • If you need to drop anything off to your child, they will be called down to the office in between classes to pick it up.  We will avoid calling them out of class, as to not disrupt their learning or the learning of others.
  • Make after-school transportation arrangements in advance.  Students should not have to call home after school in regards to transportation.
  • At dismissal, no WMS student should be on Jefferson Elementary property unless they are picking up a sibling and are wearing the designated badge.
  • And most importantly...Work with us, not against us.  You are vital to your child’s success. 


Our staff loves working with your children, and we will do all we can to support their social, emotional, and academic growth.