Key COVID-19 Info


Teachers will conduct 50-minute synchronous classes 2 days a week, equaling 100 minutes of direct instruction.  As for the 3 asynchronous days, students will work on assignments AND be given further instruction through the use of Google Classroom.  This may include Google slides, videos, documents, readings, etc. by using programs such ad Edpuzzle, Flipgrid, Pear Deck, Screencastify, etc.  Asynchronous Wednesdays also may act as support days.

 Objectives for the Year

  1. Keep Students Safe

  2. Help students feel comfortable and excited about coming to school

  3. Make sure students know what will be expected of them at WMS students

  4. Go over normal school-year procedures and COVID-19 related procedures

1st day of F2F Learning & Beyond

  • 6th graders enter through the SOUTH doors on 15th St
  • 7th graders enter through the gym doors - down the ramp by the parking lot
  • 8th graders enter either main doors or NORTH doors on 15th St

Doors open at 7:40 AM - Do not arrive much before that because students will have to wait outside.  Remember, there will be less students attending each day so the traffic should not be an issue right now.

  • Temperature MUST be checked daily before coming to school
  • Wear a mask
  • Bring your schedule - it has your hours and room numbers
    • Carry it with you daily until you have it memorized
    • 6th grade first hour elective class varies every day of the week.  At this time, students will only attend electives on days they are in class.  No Asynchronous day electives.
  • Bring CHARGED Chromebook every day!
  • Social distance as much as possible before entering, during, and after school
  • Breakfast will NOT be served so make sure you eat at home
  • Go directly to 1st hour - no lockers at this time so backpacks are allowed until further notice
  • Cell phones must be off (may be allowed at lunch - NO CAMERA OR VIDEO USE!)
  • At the end of the day exit through the nearest door
  • 2-3 minute staggered release times by grade levels
    • 6th grade released at 2:32 PM
    • 7th grade released at 2:35 PM
    • 8th grade released at 2:38 PM
  • Do NOT huddle or loiter after school

Hallway & Other Safety Procedures

  • Keep to the right
  • Space out as much as possible
  • Middle stairway UP; two end stairways DOWN
  • Go directly to class (no lockers issued at this time)
  • Report to class before using restroom - only 3 at a time in restrooms (they will be monitored by staff)
  • Use sanitizer before entering and/or exiting a classroom
  • If a student needs to leave a classroom to use the restroom, go to the office, or leave for any other reason, no communal pass will be used - either a paper pass will be issued or no pass will be used at this time
  • No food in hallways or classrooms!
  • Water allowed in classrooms
    • Hallway fountains will be covered but the bottle refill stations will be open
  • Classrooms will be decluttered and all desks will be facing forward
  • Classroom windows and doors will be open as much as possible
  • Chromebooks will be used regularly - they will be charged and brought to school daily
  • Handouts may be given but most will not be collected
  • Materials should not be shared among students
  • Masks should be worn at all times except at lunch table
  • Desks will be sanitized by teachers between each class
  • No locker room use for PE
  • Emergency drills will be conducted per mandated by the state (fire, tornado, AED, shelter-in-place, evacuation)

Breakfast & Lunch

  • No breakfast will be served at this time
  • FREE LUNCH to ALL students at this time
    • Free/Reduced lunch forms must still be submitted (online)
  • No snack line/vending machines at this time
  • For the time being, technology will be allowed at lunch
    • No photos/videos/social media posts - if issues arise technology will be banned
  • Keep Chromebooks away from food/drinks & make sure battery is good for the day

Lunchroom Rules & Procedures

  • Sanitize hands before eating

  • Respect lunch aides

  • Clean up after self
  • Remain in same chosen seat daily - same 4 at each table only
  • Stay seated until your section is called to get lunch, to throw away garbage, or to use restroom (3 students at a time in restroom - will be monitored by staff)
  • Keep backpacks at table when getting lunch
  • Keep money on account

WMS Students picking up Jefferson siblings


  • While waiting, STAND BEHIND MARKED AREAS (marked by pylon cones)

  • Social distance as you wait for siblings
  • If issues arise/poor behavior takes place by a WMS student, he/she may be banned from Jefferson grounds

Student Illnesses/Daily Health Screen

Temperature MUST be checked daily before coming to school!

  • Temperature checks at home.. fever?  STAY HOME!

  • Vomiting or stomach issues? STAY HOME!
  • Hacking cough?  STAY HOME!
  • Not feeling well, but no fever?  STAY HOME!
  • Parent/Guardian - call Attendance line if student will be absent

If student gets sick at school:

  • Student will report to the office
  • Office staff will do a temperature check
  • Office staff will call home
  • If student will be going home, he/she will wait for parent in the office clinic
  • If parent/guardian cannot pick up student, someone on the emergency contact list may be contacted.  Student will only leave with another person with parental permission.

*Please read the letter form Superintendent, Dr. Cost, including Health Screening form and COVID-19 Scenarios with Action Steps*

Recommended School Supplies

  • Charged Chromebooks
  • Misc. items such as pens, pencils, paper, colored pencils and composition books
  • Teachers may recommend other items

 Early Student Pick Up/Appointments

Please try to avoid picking up students prior to dismissal and try to make appointments at times when students are not scheduled for in-person instruction.  If an early pick up is unavoidable, please follow this procedure:

  1. Call the office
  2. Ring the bell for the office when you arrive
  3. Scan the QR code on the door and complete the Student Pick Up Log electronically (we'll be able to help, if needed)
  4. Please wait outside or in your car for your student

Other Info for Parents

  • Call and make appointments before coming to the school
  • Try not to drop off items to students throughout the day, but if you need to please call ahead
    • There is a table in our lobby where you can place the labeled item(s)
  • All meetings, including conferences, will be held via Zoom (more info to come at a later date)
  • If you need to meet with a staff member, please call to make an appointment.