Day to Day Information


  • Doors open at 7:40 AM (8:40 AM on Wednesday).  Students will wait outside until the doors open, so dress according to the weather.
  • If you are getting breakfast, you may enter the building at 7:25 AM (8:25 AM on Wednesday) through the Main Doors off 15th St
    • Breakfast is free for the 2022/23 School Year 
  • Students are dismissed at 2:49 PM

Hallway & Other Information

  • Go directly to class - lockers can only be used before school, during lunch, and after school.
  • Report to class before using restroom, you only have 4 minutes of passing time!
  • No food in hallways or classrooms!
  • Water allowed in classrooms
  • Chromebooks will be used regularly - they must be charged and brought to school daily
  • Bring your schedule with you daily until you have it memorized
  • Emergency drills will be conducted per mandated by the state (fire, tornado, AED, shelter-in-place, evacuation)

Cell Phone/Smart Watch Use

  • Cell phones/Smart Watches must be off and in locker at all times
      • If students are caught taking pictures or videos, consequences will be issued.  The severity will depends on the content and use.
    • If these rules aren't followed, the cell phone will be taken.
      • (Please see Student Handbook for more information on cell phones in school.)
  • PARENTS: Students cannot use their phones to contact you during the school day - they must use the phone in the office or classroom.  If you need to contact your child, call the office.  Parent and student texting during the day (outside of lunch) goes against our school cell phone policy and will count as an infraction

Office Phone Use

Students Should NOT use the office phone to arrange rides home or ask if they can invite a friend over after school.  These types of things should be arranged at home in advance. 

Lunchroom Rules & Procedures

  • Respect lunch aides

  • Clean up after yourself

  • Remain in same chosen seat daily

  • Stay seated until your section is called to get lunch
  • Do not throw food!!
  • If you need to use the restroom, let your lunch aide know.

WMS Students picking up Jefferson siblings


  • Must wait at WMS until Jefferson students are dismissed at 3PM

  • If issues arise/poor behavior takes place by a WMS student, they may be banned from Jefferson grounds

Student Illnesses at School

If a student gets sick at school:

  • Student will report to the office
  • Office staff will do a temperature check and call home
  • If student will be going home, they will wait for parent/guardian in the office clinic
  • If parent/guardian cannot pick up student, someone on the emergency contact list may be contacted.
    • Student will only leave with another person with parental permission.

Recommended School Supplies

  • Charged Chromebooks
  • Misc. items such as pens, pencils, paper, colored pencils and composition books
  • Teachers may recommend other items

 Early Student Pick Up/Appointments

Please try to avoid picking up students prior to dismissal and try to make appointments at times when students are not scheduled for in-person instruction.  If an early pick up is unavoidable, please follow this procedure:

  1. Call the office prior to pick up so we can have your student ready to go when you arrive
  2. Ring the bell for the office when you arrive to let us know you are here
  3. Scan the QR code on the door and sign out the student electronically (we'll be able to help, if needed)
  4. Please wait outside or in your car for your student 

Other Info for Parents

  • Call and make appointments before coming to the school
  • Try not to drop off items to students throughout the day, but if you need to please call ahead
    • There is a table in our lobby where you can place the labeled item(s)
  • If you need to meet with a staff member, please call to make an appointment.