2017-2018 Spring Sports Schedules

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Baseball - Boys 7th & 8th Grades

Baseball - Boys
7th Grade   -  Coach Adam Bernas
8th Grade   -  Coach Ron Adkins 

Softball - Girls 7th & 8th Grades

Softball - Girls
7th Grade   -  Coach Kerstin Marklein
8th Grade    -  Coach Kelsey Dahlen

Track - Boys & Girls

Boys    -  Coach Rich Glodowski 
Girls    -  Coach Greg Brovont & Assistant Coach Rico Pascuzzi


Baseball - Boys Freshmen, Jr. Varsity & Varsity

Baseball - Boys
Freshmen  - Coach Mike Miller & Assistant Coach Mike Greene
Junior Varsity   -  Coach Paul Korte & Assistant Coach Joseph Sparks
Varsity   -  Head Coach Brian Cotner & Assistant Coaches Chris Zajas & Kevin Butler

Golf - Jr. Varsity & Varsity

Junior Varsity   -  Coach John Mitroka & Assistant Coach Keith Loya 
Golf - Coach John Mitroka & Assistant Coach Keith Loya

Rowing - Boys & Girls Varsity

Boys Varsity  & Girls Varsity  - Coach Patrick Hickey & Assistant Coaches Brett Greene, Mark Pappas, Chandra Hazey-Thompson, Patrick Wallace, Nicole LeFleur, Alex Pappas, Fred Pappas, Kim Goralski & Volunteer Coaches Fred Mekolon & Gary Ellison 

Soccer - Girls Jr. Varsity & Varsity

Soccer - Girls
Junior Varsity - Coach Gene Stevens & Assistant Coach Hugh McLeish
Varsity  - Coach Dana Stevens

Softball - Girls Freshmen, Jr. Varsity & Varsity

Softball - Girls
Freshmen  -  Coach Elizabeth Gray & Assistant Coach Erik Gray
Junior Varsity  -  Coach Joseph Greene & Assistant Coach Amanda Thomas
Varsity  -  Coach Ricky Dennis & Assistant Coaches Tony Noles, Jason Tarrence

Tennis - Girls Jr. Varsity & Varsity

Tennis - Girls
Junior Varsity    
Varsity  -   Head Coach Patrick Haley & Assistant Coach Joseph Loselle

Track - Boys & Girls

Boys  -  Coach Jordan Thackery & Assistant Coaches Tom DeSana 
Girls   -  Coach Megan Davis