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I've worked here for 25 years and I absolutely love helping to provide a solid education so that ALL students are future ready.

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Admin. Assistant
Terri Ibach


My husband and I went to Wyandottte schools.. Both our sons are Roosevelt grads with one finishing college at U of M and our youngest still in college. Do we have amazing schools? Absolutely! Honestly, you get what you put into it. If you want an a great education for your child, we will support you all the way! It starts by showing up for school everyday! 

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Peggy Rowland 
My two boys are brand new to Wyandote schools. My oldest is in the young 5's program and my youngest is at the Early Childhood Center. I am the administrative assistant to our assistant principal. Our job is to lift up kids who may need a little support at Wilson.  

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Admin Assist/Assistant Principal:  

Jessica Edwards

After graduating from Roosevelt in 93, I decided to send my own two children to Wyandotte! Both my 8th and 11th graders are doing well. I'm a parent, so I support parents in our schools. I absolutley  love it. we are a part of something big

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Parent Support:  
Jennifer Anderson 

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