About Us

Welcome to Wilson Middle School, where the social and emotional growth of students are equally as important as their academic growth!  Our diversified goals in education begin with the caring staff that is hired to work with students.  As members of the Wilson team, our first priority is student safety – physical and emotional.  We are committed to creating a culture of respect through preventative, positive, and proactive approaches.  (prevention is the best intervention.)  Every staff member knows it is essential to nurture positive relationships with students so they enjoy coming to school and are inspired to learn.  

Our staff members work hard in “professional learning communities” to create a guaranteed and viable curriculum so all students can achieve academic success.  In PLC’s, teachers effectively collaborate with their colleagues about the use of best-practice teaching strategies and assessments that center around the common core state standards and teaching them in a way that all students can learn.
at Wilson, we are technologically advanced; therefore, technology is integrated into classroom instruction.  every classroom has a smart board, and every student has his/her own personal Chromebook.  we also have a wide array of on-line programs to support instruction.  Technology helps support learning – it does not take the place of teaching.  it also allows teachers to differentiate instruction and give students more choice in their learning.  The use of technology also provides students with life-long skills, empowering them to take an active role in their learning beyond their middle-school years.

At Wilson, we offer a wide variety of academic and elective classes as well as a multitude of programs, clubs, and activities that meet the needs and interests of all students.  Currently, there are 15 clubs available for students to join and we hope that the wide variety we offer will entice every student to get involved.  This is a great way for students to find a niche, to socialize, and/or to discover new passions.  Besides clubs, there are many other opportunities for students to get involved, such as peer mentoring, honor society, talent show participation, athletics, and music.  Wyandotte’s music program is second to none!  We are the only downriver school district that offers a strings program that starts at the fifth-grade level.  We also are well-known for our band and vocal programs.  It is our mission to encourage students to get involved. 

At Wilson, we recognize the importance of parental involvement in their child’s education.  Parents have a number of opportunities to get involved including back-to-school nights, conferences, and monthly parent meetings (principal advisory meetings).  We also have activities throughout the school year that require parent volunteers.  The primary way for parents to be involved is by being aware of their child’s progress at school and reinforcing academic concepts and behavioral expectations at home.  This can be achieved through consistent communication with teachers via email or phone calls.  (teachers often use remind as well.)  Our office staff uses daily Facebook posts and emails to keep parents up-to-date on all aspects of school.  One of the best ways for parents to keep current on their child’s academic progress, behavior, attendance, and lunch room account balance is by checking parent portal regularly.  Information about this is provided to parents, but if there are ever any questions about this or anything else, parents may contact our school office anytime.

We are proud of our Wilson community and all that we do to mold the minds, increase the confidence, and guide the behavior of impressionable adolescents. We also take pride in Wilson as our second home, where new students arrive as strangers but leave as family.


Mission Statement

Our Mission is to educate and inspire ALL students to be their personal best, while providing them with the skills and confidence that will empower them to be successful.